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2nd-Sep-2007 04:52 pm - Using patterns in text help please
First of all, let me begin by saying THANK YOU to all mods and members who work so hard to make this a great community. I don't think I have ever posted here before, but I visit often and the tutorials here have helped me sooooo much. I apologize if the comments have not been forthcoming in reflecting my appreciation.

I am sure there is a tutorial already written, but I honestly have no idea what it would be called.

Here is what I would like to do...I would like the fill of my text to match a specific plaid pattern found in the image I would like to customize. Does this make any sense? I'm not really sure how else to explain it!

Anyway, if you have any idea what it is I am trying to do, could you please point me in the direction of finding out how to do it...be it a link to an entry ?(I have already searched the memories and the tags, but since I'm not really sure what it is I'm looking for, I didn't really find anything). Or could you please tell me at least what it is I would like to do...perhaps my resourceful little self will be able to figure it out if I at least knew the terminology involoved...lol.

Thank you so much for your willingness to help. It really means alot!
RPattz*Sex on Couch
So this is my first ever tutorial, be easy on me guys!! If I go a little wordy on you, sorry! And I know there are already several tutorials that teach you how to outline your text, but I find this one to be easiest for me.

You can use this way with just any font, and it can be used on it's own, or on top of an image. FYI: some of the images are fairly large, (As in 650x488 pixles) so please be patient if you are like me and have a slow computer!

This is what you will get with this tutorial:
w00t example

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20th-Aug-2007 01:56 pm(no subject)
Amy Winehouse ;; Drink
I'm having some strange problems (or... a strange problem) with PSP8 suddenly. I didn't change anything with my preferences or options or whatever but suddenly, when I resize and/or sharpen an image (I'm not sure which messes up, but I think it might be the resizing.) it makes the image really pixelated and ugly.

PicturesCollapse )

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
17th-Jul-2007 11:48 pm - Brush Importing Problems
Hi, I'm having problems uploading brushes onto my PSP8, for some reason it keeps saying that a file with that name already exists. I've tried changing the name and everything but it still wont work. I've imported brushes before so I really don't know why I suddenly had a problem with it and now I can't upload brushes :(

I checked through the memories and this wasn't answered and it seemed like several people were having problems with it. lol, any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much :)
17th-Jul-2007 06:02 pm - Help!
Misc - Blue garnet
I was iconing away the other night when suddenly my PSP8 decided it had a script/runtime error and it prompted me to close the program. I did so and then reopened it only find that all my fonts are stuck in outline form, which looks decent in 467587pt but is craptastically puffy and/or jumbled-looking in a font size that one would normally use.

The error also messed with the color selection in the materials toolbox. Now instead of the color in the bottom box being the color the text will be, it's the color in the top box. This is not as big a deal as my other problem, but I'm used to it being the other way around, haha.

I've tried what seems like a hundred things in the past couple days, but the solution is still proving elusive and I'm hoping one of you wonderful people can help me. Please. *bats eyelashes*
2nd-Jul-2007 11:22 pm - Tutorial #1
Actor - Alessandro Juliani, Smallville - AJ as Elvis
This is my first tutorial. It's made with PSP8. It's easily translatable (it's just layer adjustement)

All the screencaps are in french bit the tutorial is in english.

1st-Jul-2007 09:50 pm - ADMIN: Friendly Reminder!
admin please read

If you haven't read the community rules recently, please go to our PROFILE page and do so.

Posting advertisements to another journal or community is NOT allowed here (especially without permission).

Those members who have recently posted ad entries have been warned not to do so in the future.

If you posted an ad -- but disabled commenting -- then you've been banned from the community. The reason should be clear to everyone.

This community is here to share help in using Paint Shop Pro 8. You are allowed to post questions and ask for advice and to answer questions and post tutorials. You're not allowed to 'pimp' your journals or communities.

It's not okay to disable comments here, just for future reference.

EDIT: By the way, if you share a tutorial at psp8_fun, it must be posted directly to the community. Please don't link to a tutorial in another journal. If you do, you'll simply be asked to post it here or delete it. So save us all some time and trouble. Thanks!

Thanks for your cooperation! If you have questions or thoughts, please feel free to comment.

==CharlieMC, assistant moderator

28th-Jun-2007 02:17 am - Uploading brushes
Wolf: Wolf Howl (godlessgoddess9)
I use PSP9, but since PSP8 seems similar I'm hoping someone can help me with my problem.

I've been uploading loads of brushes to PSP9 over the last couple of days. I've also been sorting them into the various folders in "My PSP" like "Masks", "Brushes", "Textures". I then enable the folder and subfolders. The items are showing up when I do the pulldown to find them. So I'm not having trouble with that part. The problem is now PSP9 is almost refusing to work. It takes forever to start and then load the brushes. And if I want to add another brush, PSP has a fit and takes almost 3 minutes to load to create a brush tip and I can only do about three of them before having to shut the whole thing off.

When uploading the first brush, or when trying to get to my brushes this is what PSP does:
Open > Export Brush > Custom Brush > Loading Cache (which takes over 5 minutes) > checking for new items (takes over 3 minutes) > checking for new items (Does this again. This takes over 5 minutes). Then PSP goes white screen and it saves the cache as it very slowly counts up to 100%. It continues to crank away again for over 5 minutes. It also goes white screen for minutes at a time while inbetween loading brushes.

Is there some sort of limit to how many brushes PSP will accept?

Can someone please help me fix this? I'm going crazy!
flag (burst)

Here's a pretty gradient text effect that's fairly easy to create!

We'll end up with something like this:

Gradient Text Effect (small)
(this is a small version - see the large version under the cut)

(I was asked HERE if I could translate a PS tutorial to achieve this effect -- and I think I came pretty close! As I always say, PSP can do pretty much everything that PS can do...)

So let's get started!Collapse )

Isn't that a lovely effect? And it was simple...

Plus, you have the added benefit of knowing how to make a simple custom gradient, all your own!

==CharlieMC, assistant moderator

6th-Jun-2007 06:43 pm - Converting photoshop tut to PSP
Is there anyone here that can translate this tutorial in Paint Shop Pro terms? I would really appreciate it.

4th-Jun-2007 11:01 pm - add a splash of color
i made this in PSP 8

this to

here @ my journal shalowater
17th-May-2007 04:11 am - Major Problem...
So maybe I’m a masochist...
I very suddenly have a major problem trying to using any of my brushes, imported and non-imported. I can still use my clone brush and my soften brush, but all others are suddenly unusable. I can click on the drop-down menu, and they all appear, but once I select something and click on whatever picture/graphic I want to use the brush on, nothing appears on said picture/graphic. When I click on the edit menu, it lists "undo paintbrush" as one of my options, as if I did use the paintbrush, but yet nothing shows up.

Does anyone know what causes this problem, and how I can fix it?

Thanks in advance.




¤ Comment if taking so I know if anyone cares!
¤ Credit not necessary but considered polite.
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4th-May-2007 08:23 am - download
me 004
hey i am at work and i have psp8 at my house but not the actual disc i bought (it got lost in the move from my apt back to the parents house) so i thought i could copy everything i have onto a CD and bring it to work to download/copy it here. well it was working, then it said "Error 1311.Source file not found: D:\Data1.cab. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it." Now i dont know what to do? Any help?

thanks! :)


¤ Comment if taking so I know if anyone cares!
¤ Credit not necessary but considered polite.
¤ Friend my journal to make requests & fast updates.


¤ Comment if taking so I know if anyone cares!
¤ Credit not necessary but considered polite.
¤ Friend my journal to make requests & fast updates.


¤ Comment if taking so I know if anyone cares!
¤ Credit not necessary but considered polite.
¤ Friend my journal to make requests & fast updates.
29th-Apr-2007 04:17 pm(no subject)
hello, I'm using PSP8 and having troubles resizing images. Here's what I do, I select the image, go to "Image" in the toolsbar, "resize" and i'd like it to get the icon size, 100x100, but everytime I insert the width it'll automatically insert the height for any random (as it appears to me) number. This forces me to create icons of several different sizes each time I use the resize option :(

Sometimes I try to use "crop" instead of resizing the image :/
Any suggestions? Help? please?
thanx in a advance :)
24th-Apr-2007 08:40 pm - lots of questions
{ blinkie } » makeup
Maybe I missed something..?

Did Corel buy Jasc?

And...what happened to "Paint Shop Pro"? All I find now is Corel's 'Paint Shop Pro Photo XI'. I'm not even sure that's the same kind of paint program as Paint Shop Pro was.

Has anyone tried it? Is it good? Different? Bad different?

Also, is there any way to buy a hard copy of Paint Shop Pro 8? thanks
17th-Apr-2007 09:18 pm - HELP!
Hello Kitty Purple
I need some help!!! I've been trying to do stuff with my psp for some reason I've lost the marching ants thing on it and I put hide off as well as on again but that doesn't fit it. What do I need to fix to get it back? Thanks I'd greatly appreciate the help!

Doesn't matter which psp you have because I'm sure I can figure it out in mine ^_^

thanks PLEASE help ASAP!
17th-Apr-2007 12:25 am(no subject)
Chuck > Drag Me Away
This seems like such a basic question, but I've searched the memories here and several other places and can't seem to come up with an answer. I keep hearing all about how I should be adjusting the tracking of my text to make it clearer, but I can't seem to find the option for tracking! Am I blind? Is it called something else? I'm totally lost.

The reason I ask is that I've been trying to make the text in the second icon as clear as in the first, and it's just not happening:

comfortable1.png comfortable.png

Someone in icon_tutorial suggested changing the tracking, but I have no idea how to do that. If anyone could let me know how to adjust the tracking or give me any other tips as to how I could make the rotated text clearer, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks so much!
28th-Mar-2007 10:37 pm(no subject)
I don't know where else to go with this question, so I'm hoping someone here might know the answer. I don't have PSP 8 anymore, I have PSP XI and the font is...really screwed up. Like, it's way bigger than it should be. A Times New Roman on 12 points is...HUGE. Even a Verdana 5 points font, which is supposed to be small, is really big.

I'm not sure why it's doing this or how to fix it. Does anyone know what could be causing this, or where I might be able to go to find an answer?
28th-Mar-2007 07:41 pm(no subject)
i need help with sharpening my pics once i resize them. alot of times when i got to resize a HUGE picture down to 100 x 100, the picture looks really pixeled. how do i sharpen it in order for it to work right? everytime i go to sharpen it, i feel like i make it look worse! thanks for the help!
i looked in the memories and found some kool animated tuts but not one for candles or lights. i wanna make a candle burn in an icon and i wanna make another icon that has lamps on a street and make them light up or burn. ya know what i mean? does anyone have any tips or a tut for PSP and animation shop?

thanks much.
17th-Mar-2007 08:01 pm - brush issues
So I just transferd more than 1k brushes from my old computer to here, and not even half of them are in the pull down menu. Whats up?