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Paint Shop Pro 8 Fun
PSP8 is taking over... 
3rd-Jul-2008 06:18 pm
Could someone please tell me why every time I try to save an image, that PSP8 takes over and will not allow me to save images in anything other than that?

I use firefox, and whenever I right click on a picture and try to save it as .png or even .jpg or .gif .. PSP8 constantly takes over. The drop down menu only allows two file types. PSP8 and all files.

In IE I have no problems. But in firefox, PSP8 seems to take over.

I have even tried "choosing program" and have unchecked PSP8 several times and checking the box for them to open in windows picture and fax viewer and checked the "always use the selected file to open.. etc" but it constantly goes back to PSP8 to open them.

This is EXTREMELY frustrating to me and I've never known any Jasc program to be this aggressive before!!

Please help??